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Stark Condé Wines

A Cosmopolit comes to Rest

Stark Condé Wines

After many years in the US and in Japan, José Condé came to Stellenbosch in 1997. Together with his father-in-law, they created in 1998 the label "Stark-Condé". His farm is located in the Jonkershoekvalley and he uses 40ha to produce Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon that are full of character.

Already in the year 2000, his wines received the highest national awards and international approval. Today, Stark Condé is known for being one of the best winemaker from the Cape.

Name: Stark Condé Wines
Region: Stellenbosch
Area: 250 ha / 40 ha under vine
Owner: MAN Vintners (Pty) Ltd
Winemaker: Rüdger van Wyk (2017)

Stark Condé Wines | map

PO Box 389, Stellenbosch 7599, South Africa

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