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Cirrus Wines

Cirrus Wines, named after the wispy atmospheric clouds, are wines made with fruit from high altitude vineyards in the Witzenberg mountains on the Ceres Plateau.

Cirrus Wines

The Pinot Noir 2020 marked the first vintage of wines made from this unique vineyard on Rietfontein farm. At an altitude of 1026m above sea level, the moderate summers, snowy winters, and intense solar rays create an environment that produces distinctly South African Pinot Noir. The Ceres Plateau has a moderate Mediterranean climate, with the high altitude playing a dominant role in fruit development. Higher elevation growing areas see a greater shift in temperature between day and night. Cooler nights allow grapes to conserve acidity, leading to more elegant, age-worthy wines. Cool nights also help to lengthen the growing season, allowing grapes more time to develop on the vine.


Name: Cirrus Wines
Region: Stellenbosch
Area: 30 t / 3626 cases
Owner: Jean Engelbrecht
Winemaker: Danielle le Roux (Dec 2019)

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